Thriftstore Homecoming EP

by My Friend Willy

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An exploration of sound in a bedroom. Download of the entire album is FREE.


released December 21, 2011



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My Friend Willy Golden, Colorado

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Track Name: Thriftstore Homecoming
shopping carts... that's where it starts
leftovers... good for me
cruise the aisles... looking for smiles

black man in the street
beat-boxing to me
my heart's still drumming
thriftstore homecoming

hold it for me 'til monday
Track Name: Falter Street (Really Nice to See You)
met you in the street where you gave a rose to me
brown hair down your back, brown eyes to match
it was made known there, I'd hate to see you leave
yet as we said goodbye, my words deserted me

it's really nice to see you

the last time we'll say, "how do you do today?"
the last time we'll say, "goodbye, safe travels" with a sigh
these things I did not know, unsuspected, unshown
no matter what the words, no matter how many escape me

it was really nice to see you